NUHS Class of 1974

Welcome classmates of the New Ulm Senior High School Class of 1974.
The years seemed to have flown by and now we are once again getting ready to plan our next reunion.   
Who's in?  Who's looking for another kick at the ol' cat?  There have been so many that we have not seen nor heard from, it would really be nice to see you in 2019!


This site is dedicated to all the classmates of New Ulm High School graduating class of 1974. 

Since graduation, we have all grown up and moved on, leaving memories of those 45 years which formed a common ground for us. This web site will give us a place to "re-create" some of those memories and to pass on information regarding get-togethers and reunions. Please come back often and see what is happening. This site is a living document and will be ever changing.

If you move or change email addresses, please keep us informed by going to the UPDATE ME  page and fill out the form. This will ensure that we have your current information and we can keep in touch with you regarding the next reunion or any other events that come up. The reunions are only as successful as those that partcipate.

If you have information that we need to know about (classmates passing, the location of missing classmates, etc), please let us know this as well and we can post that. You can contact us through the CONTACT section of these pages.

The main goal is to make it easier for all of our classmates to be updated and for the organizers to be kept current. We encourage you to use our FACEBOOK site as well for current and up-to-date information.

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Please join us on Facebook.  We really would like to hear what has been happening with you and hear your stories.